Auto Accident


No One Tells You the Hardest Part Comes After the Accident…

Being involved in a car crash is an experience that you probably do not expect to see yourself in, however, the reality is that at some point in your life you will most likely be involved in one, and the way you handle yourself after the fact is so much more important than the actual crash itself.

Due to the high rate of car accidents that happen in the state of Florida, there is a very good chance you may be involved in at least one accident in your lifetime. According to Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, over 400,000 crashes occurred in 2019 in Florida, and over 250,000 resulted in injuries or fatalities. See .

Symptoms of injuries after a car crash can be experienced immediately, and if you are not experiencing symptoms, do NOT assume you are not injured. It can take up to several days for your body to start feeling pain. One of the most critical things to do after an accident, is to be immediately examined by a medical doctor as soon as possible, and to report all your injuries. Anything that hurts after an accident and it did not hurt before your automobile accident shall be reported to the doctor.

Besides physical injuries one would sustain after a car crash, accidents can cause a substantial amount of stress. You are worried about your well-being, the damage to your car, filing claims to insurance companies, dealing with paperwork, complex legal processes, and etc. Being involved in a car accident is such a stressful experience already, you do not have to go through the challenges of the aftermath alone. That is when Borkovic Law Group can come in and help. Our firm exclusively practices personal injury, and we have the professional experience and knowledge in dealing with insurance companies on a day to day basis. While the insurance company has the insurance company’s best interest at heart, Borkovic Law Group has yours. Our goal is putting our clients as the top priority. That means if you have been injured in an accident, you should focus on treating your injuries and getting better, while we lift your worries and take care of the legal process involved, fighting for the best settlement recovery at the end. Get a free personal injury consultation from one of your accident attorneys at Borkovic Law Group today by calling us at (727) 798-5291. Do not be alone in these extremely frustrating times, call Borkovic Law Group, we will fight for you. For us, your injuries and your case are personal.